Saturday, February 6, 2010

MVC101.Net is finally Live

I have been working on the MVC101.Net project for a while. I have a day job and finding time to work on this was getting a bit tricky. But finally I have managed to push it out. Of course I will continue to work on this.

I used to run a similar concept website ( around 2000-2002 based on Classical ASP. With the advent of ASP.Net, I did not have the time to update it to .net and lost interest. ASP.Net MVC is best Microsoft innovation in the web world since classical ASP and has rekindled my interest in running a community website.

The purpose of MVC101 is to help developers keep up to date with the news, blogs and articles in the ASP.Net MVC World. And one of the biggest feature of the website is its search. The Search uses the Bing API and limits to search to the resources listed in the website. This means you are focusing your search to a subsection of hand picked quality resources. And in most cases this should give a better quality of results.

And secondly the resources are tagged. This will help the user in zoning into the area of interest. The most glaring omission of this website is the ability of the community to participate in it. I am yet to decide on the model for this. Any suggestions are greatly welcome.

Thank you and looking forward to some great feed back from the community.

Happy Coding