Monday, August 17, 2009

Remote Tech Support for your family

Yesterday I discovered one of the coolest tools of remote tech support. Well... it has been there for awhile. But I discovered it only yesterday!

Well It all started like this.. A family member was trying to set up voice & video chat so we don't have to use the expensive phone. We were trying to help over the phone and going in circles. That when I remembered there are tools for doing remote access and was prepared to fork some money to get over the frustration.

And the solution was LogMeIn and better still, there is a free version. Quite simply its brilliant. This could easily qualify as very complex software. But that didn't stop it from being easy to use. So usable, I was able guide my non-tech family member to install it and then remotely take control.

LogMeIn is a excellent example of Usability in software and proves complex software can be easy to use. Give it a go!